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Are you on the lookout for the best quality Desert Safari Dubai Deals packages? We at Sunset Desert Safari are finally committed to bringing you top of the line desert safari packages at a very affordable price. Because our desert safari tours are an ideal choice for those wanting to make the most of their stay in Dubai If you would like to spend some quality time with your loved ones or explore desert life from close quarters. As a result, the desert safari is the best experience; we have the best desert safari deal for you, make your stay in Dubai that much excellent and everlasting with Sunset Desert Safari.

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The top leading desert safari company in Dubai. We are fully committed to bringing you one-of-a-kind desert safari deals you can’t get anywhere instead. We’ve been offering safari packages for quite a long time and understand what matters most to adventure enthusiasts. Most of all safari deals include everything to provide you with an excellent desert safari experience. The main features of our packages include. Limited to live entertainment show. Pick-up and drop-off with delicious BBQ dinner and more. Book Your Desert Safari Dubai Tour Now!

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Our tour guides know precisely how to add a real charm to your desert safari tours. We are pretty sure that you’ll end this fantastic desert safari tour with lots of remarkable memories you’ll never forget in your life. We work very closely with our clients to provide them with their desired Dubai desert safari packages. Each of our deals is designed with modern-day desert safari needs in mind to deliver the best desert safari adventure. There’re many leisure activities you can do to make the most of your desert safari in Dubai. From luxurious rides to mouthwatering Arabian recipes, everything is handpicked by our tourism experts to offer an excellent desert safari experience.  Those who have availed our desert safari services say cool and positive things about our desert safari deals when you’re working.

Desert Safari Dubai Deals.

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Evening Desert Safari Quad Bike

ATV Quad Biking in Dubai

The Evening Desert Safari with Quad Bike is a must for every person. Who visits Dubai and other cities of the UAE.

Desert Safari Dubai with Quad Bike is a once in a lifetime experience shared with family and friends back home. The evening desert safari Dubai with Quad Bike is worth every penny spent on the expedition.

Beautiful landscapes, whistling winds, silent valleys, sand dunes, and muscle terrain SUV s make for a great outing in the romantic solitude of nature.

Desert Safari Dubai

The pickup is done from Dubai between 3 “pm” to 3.30 ‘pm’ in the afternoon in a 4×4 Wheel Drive SUV s. Desert Evening Sunset

The drive continues across the desert and stops at the sunset point to experience the scarlet skies with the lilac sun going down behind the sand dunes.

Camel Trek

The campsite is a bit further where the tourists get an opportunity to go for a camel ride.

Sand Boarding

Adventure sports like sand boarding and sand surfing are in fashion

It gives a rare opportunity for the tourists to experience a whole new sport in a new background.

Desert Sports

Evening desert safari with Quad Bike is among some of those tours that have state-of-the-art desert adventure sports infrastructure with proper safety and emergency arrangements.

Arabic Henna Designs

Once at the camp, you can enjoy henna designs on hand and feet which is known to give a soothing sensation.

It also is known to reduce tiredness.

Desert Outdoor Barbecue

There is a special arrangement of outdoor barbecue with some exquisite and delicious delicacies of the Arabian region.

Arabian Hubble Bubble

Hubble Bubble, a famous water pipe of the Arabian world can be tasted.

Desert Belly Dancers

One of the most exciting features of the evening desert safari Dubai is watching the belly dancers performing under the starlight around the campfire.

Outdoor Fun

The safari includes “some” of the outdoor activities like Sunset photography, camel rides, belly dancing,

Hubble Bubble, Dune Bashing along the desert on Al-Awir Road, etc.

Soft Drinks & Arabian Coffee

An assortment of soft drinks, premium alcoholic drinks, fresh dates, Arabic Coffee is available for the tourists.

Arabian Costumes

Traditional costumes and dresses allow the tourists to check out the local costumes.

Desert Safari Quad Bike & Sand Skiing

Quad Bike and Sand Skiing allows the tourists to try out “some” of the adventure sports only available in the specific region.

International Buffet Dinner

An Arabic buffet dinner and Barbecue gives the tourists an opportunity to taste some of the best and freshly cooked local dishes.


The cavalcade departs at half past nine from the campsite after the adventurous tour to the deep deserts.

There is no restriction on the number of people joining the safari as it can be an unlimited person.

The safari is, however, not recommended for children below three years of age and pregnant women.

Camel trek is the most fascinating activity of the safari because the camel takes you to the top of the highest sand dune to enjoy the stupefying sunset deep in the desert.

Quad Biking is the best way to experience what it is like living in the deserts and get to know the culture and cuisines.

The desert vegetation and fauna also fascinates the travelers as it is very different from the normal vegetation.

The hospitality during the safari is worth commendable and makes the tourists come again and again and “return” back fully satisfied.

So go ahead and plan a Desert Safari With Quad Bike, when you are in UAE, experience the true Arabic culture. Visit Our site for More attractions in Dubai. Home

VIP Desert Safari Dubai

VIP Desert Safari Dubai

Evening Safari Dubai tour departs in the late afternoon in and around the deserts of Arabia. The cavalcade reaches the camel farm after a smooth ride in the specially modified SUV s which cruise along the desert roads and tracks like butter sliding on the hot surface. The tourists get a chance to click their cameras with the camels in their indigenous surroundings. Whenever you are in Dubai, United Arab Emirates don’t miss to Book the VIP Desert Safari Tour.

The drive continues across the desert and stops at the sunset point to experience the scarlet skies with the lilac sun going down behind the sand dunes. The campsite is a bit further where the tourists get an opportunity to go for a camel ride. Adventure sports like sand boarding and sand surfing are in fashion.

So go ahead and plan for VIP desert safari when you are in Dubai and experience the true Arabic culture. Visit Our site for more Tours in Dubai.  Home

Hummer Desert Safari

Here at Hummer Desert Safari, We provide our clients with a taste of the luxurious life. At Hummer VIP desert Safari we create a royal class atmosphere & provide VIP protocol for all of our clients & tourist.

Find Hummer Safari With our company & get more than just a best Safari Offers & Hummer Desert Safari Packages.

A big portion of Dubai is covered in the Golden & Red Sands.

The deserts of Dubai is what makes it stand out from the rest of the world.

A wonderful and luxurious tour of these Red sand dunes in the sun can be very fulfilling for the soul.

However, the heat and inconvenience can be difficult for you to endure.

So if you are planning a tour, make sure that it is luxurious. Hummer Desert Safari is the best way to go through the dunes and enjoy the views.

You might be thinking that how is a tour in Hummer different from a tour in any other vehicle and if it is a safari why not take an open jeep for it.

If you travel by an open jeep, and you are not used to a high afternoon sun, you will not be able to take it. Things that you can expect as a part of the desert safari.

Special Things in Dubai

When you are in Dubai, everything is special. You get more than you expect, and that is true for the Hummer desert safari as well.

As a part of the safari, you will not be driving around in a Hummer around the desert only. There are many adventurous and fun things that you can do as a part of the tour.

First of all, you get picked up from your hotel or residence or wherever you are staying.

Drive to the campsite in the desert in a luxurious Hummer where you are offered complimentary tea/coffee

You can have as much mineral water and juice as you want, in the house.

There snacks and sandwiches as a part of the tour as well while you are driven around by an expert driver over the sand dunes.

Other than riding around in the Hummer, you can try out camel riding and sand boarding as well if you want too without any extra charges.

Desert Evening Sunset

Get to enjoy the wonderful sunset in the deserts. You can watch fire shows and the Arabian dance.

Desert Safari Arabian Costumes

Try out traditional Arabian dresses and get into a photo session for souvenirs.

Arabian Hubble Bubble

You can try out the Arabian Hubble Bubble if you want to, which is an Arabian water-smoking pipe.

Arabic Henna Designs

Also, you may also try out the henna designs on your hands as well if you are interested.

As a part of the desert tour, you can have Arabian sweets and snacks and fruits and extravagant barbecues dinners as well.

You are safely dropped at your preferred location after the tour is over.

There are other optional things that you might want to try out as a part of the hummer desert safari, but they are going to cost you extra.

The complete tour takes approximately 6 hours of time, not including the time to pick you up and drop you at your location.

It is a very affordable and enjoyable tour and if you happen to visit Dubai with your family then this could be a very fun tour for you to take.

The tour is available on a daily basis and there are many service providers for this kind of hummer desert tours. There are some safety norms that you might have to follow as a part of the tour.

Also, different service providers may have different tour plans, so this is a basic idea of all the things that you can do as a part of the tour, but not necessarily what every service provider does.

You can find the details and tour plans of different tour agencies on the internet quite easily.

Morning Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari Dubai is one of the most sought-after outdoor adventures in and around Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Most of the tourists visiting UAE go for Morning Dune Drive during their holiday trip to Dubai. Dubai Morning Desert Safari is an alternate of the regular Desert Safari where the people have very less time because of their previous engagements. Moreover, mornings are cold, and the sun is not in its full glory making it favorable for the tourists to go for desert safari. It is a great time to enjoy the trip with friends and family.

Morning Desert Safari starts at around Eight in the morning, and the tourists are picked from their respective hotels. Desert Safari is once in a lifetime experience for the tourists. They get to experience a whole new set of adventures and outdoor sports. Are in Dubai for the Short time & want to get the desert safari experience in Dubai so here we were given you the Morning Desert Safari Dubai. Which is the best option for you.

Dune Bashing

The tourists get a chance to go for dune bashing which is very entertaining and is a ‘must’ to do a thing when in Dubai. Dune bashing in a 4×4 SUV is an experience which one never forgets. The activity is highly entertaining and is safe for everybody.

Morning Camel Riding

Camel ride is an addition to the Arabian Desert Safari which is a very refreshing and scintillating experience.
Riding a camel in the desert is an awesome experience. The camels behave best in their natural habitat and riding them in their natural habitat is an amazing experience.

Dubai Morning Desert Safari Quad Bike

Quad Biking is an exhilarating adventure sport where the people get to ride the Quad Bike in the desert at small prices.
The experience is so amazing that any cost appears futile.


Sand Surfing is another adventure sport of the desert which is quite prevalent among the tourists frequenting the Arabian nation. Sand Surfing is one of such sports which pumps up the adrenaline of the border and is also very popular.

Morning Desert Safari Refreshments

On the refreshment front, water and soft drinks are included in the package for every tourist. Dubai Morning Desert Safari is full of adventure and pumps up everybody’s adrenaline. Continuous adventure, fun, and thrill are what make the Trip different from other safari trips. The Morning Desert safari begins early in the morning and takes around four hours to wind up. The expert drivers take the tourists through the Dubai desert with utmost safety and precaution and also keeping in mind to provide an ultimate experience at the same time. Luxurious SUV s have all the facilities which include first aid, air conditioning, seat belts and roll bars for safety.

So if you are planning to explore the naked desert safari in the form it is, book your seats in advance and ensure you get to witness the exquisite natural beauty with your own eyes.
Go ahead and book your tickets in advance to avail hassle-free services at no extra cost. Visit our Site for more attractions in Dubai. Sunset Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari With Quad Bike

Morning Desert Safari Tour

Morning Desert Safari Tour is one of the most popular and the beautiful landscapes of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. VIP Desert Safari Dubai is a must for every person who visits Dubai and other cities of the Emirates.

Desert Safari is a once in a lifetime experience which can be cherished and shared with family & friends back home. VIP safari tour is worth every penny spent on the expedition. Desert dunes and muscle terrain SUV s make for a great outing in the romantic solitude of nature.

Evening Safari Dubai tour departs in the late afternoon in and around the deserts of Arabia. The cavalcade reaches the camel farm after a smooth ride in the specially modified SUV s which cruise along the desert roads and tracks like butter sliding on the hot surface. The tourists get a chance to click their cameras with the camels in their indigenous surroundings. Whenever you are in Dubai, United Arab Emirates don’t miss to Book the VIP Desert Safari Tour.

The drive continues across the desert and stops at the sunset point to experience the scarlet skies with the lilac sun going down behind the Desert Dunes. The campsite is a bit further where the tourists get an opportunity to go for a camel ride. Adventure sports like sand boarding and sand surfing are in fashion.

So go ahead and plan for VIP desert safari when you are in Dubai and experience the true Arabic culture. If you want to more details about our deals Please visit our tours area.

Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight Desert Safari is one of the most exciting and entertaining outdoor activities in the world.

The participants get to experience the raw desert in its actual form with close “proximity” and get a feel of how it is to live in a desert.

Overnight desert safari adds a thrill and substance to the event. Overnight desert safari Dubai is a must-to-do ‘thing’ when in Dubai.

It has a provision to allow the tourists to spend a night full of adventures and cultural overdose in the lap of the desert.

Once every evening safari tourist leaves the campsite, the party for the overnight desert safari dwellers starts.

The dwellers get to experience the night in the desert under the open sky with shining stars above them.

Once the evening safari tourists leave the campsite, the power remains for the next half an hour.

The Camp Staff are provided with sleeping bags to sleep beneath the open sky.

It is a whole new experience for a lot many people who have never ever slept beneath the twinkling stars, leave apart the open desert.

In the morning, the tourists are provided breakfast and tea to freshen up.

The returning time is 08:30 in the morning from the campsite to the hotel.

People love to star gaze in the open sky which is free from the city lights or any other artificial light.

The overnight desert safari Dubai allows the tourists to escape the bustling life of the city and enjoy the solitude,

and serenity of the desert under the clear black sky with stars twinkling at night.

The overnight safari starts with the cruising drive through the desert along the Al Awir Road.

Dune Bashing follows it where the experienced drivers drive the 4×4 SUV s in the desert over the sand dunes.

Multiple halts are allowed for the tourist to capture the fascinating landscape in their cameras.

Sunset photography is one of the most important events in the trip.

When at camp, the tourists are served soft drinks and water.

Professional artists perform belly dancing for the tourists and entertain them during their brief stay at the camp in the desert.

There are provisions for desert adventure sports at the camp where the tourists can participate in events like sand skiing, quad motorbiking, sand surfing, etc.

A hearty Arabian meal at night and the morning breakfast makes the day for the overnight tourists.

Sleeping under the sky at night and gazing at the stars is really an amazing experience.

The campsite has proper provisions for washrooms and public convenience facilities.

To prevent desert insects and flies, people are provided with sleeping bags which are comfortable enough to allow you to sleep at night in the desert with ease.

People with heart problems or who are very old of age, pregnant women and children below three years are recommended not to participate in the safari.

Overnight desert safari is a whole different experience.

The tourists are disconnected from the outer world for one complete night, get a chance to see the beautiful night sky.

Desert adventure sports are very fascinating and pump a huge amount of adrenaline in the tourists.

Dubai is one such place where it is very easy to avail this service and people from all over the world opt for this safari every year.

Its truly recommended to go ahead and book an overnight desert safari and experience the desert from a different perspective.

Dhow Cruise Creek

Dubai Dhow Cruise Creek is the most fascinating places in Dubai and plays host to millions of travelers and tourists every year. It is an exemplification of historic and vibrant life of the Dubai in the calm and soothing waters of the creek with classical dhows sailing through these silent waters. The Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai tour is generally of one hour and operates eight times a day throughout the year. It is a very different experience and it is a welcome experience where you find water in the desert region.

Dhow Cruise environment

The tour consists of a pre-recorded commentary in English which provides useful and entertaining information on Dubai and creek Dubai. The tour is highly and allows the tourists to enjoy the calm and serene environment of the city. It is very popular among the international tourists who either stop by in Dubai or come here for spending their holidays.

Sea View on Dubai Creek

Night Cruise dinner trip offers an opportunity to look at the city at night from close proximity yet like an outsider. The esteemed guests on this trip can bask in the Dubai Creek’s lap. Both individuals, as well as group events, can be successfully entertained on the old majestic dhows. All these experiences come at not so mind-boggling price. The creek is surrounded by the majestic high rise buildings and is conquered by a number of bridges. One of the most fascinating scenes is the view of the National Bank of Dubai, Chamber of Commerce building which makes Dubai look like out of this world.

Dhow Cruise Creek Inclusions Detail

The Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai operates daily and offers a delicious buffet dinner, an assortment of soft drinks, a variety of tea and much more in a two-hour trip. The trip is very economical which makes it one of the most popular things to do in Dubai. They are provided with fresh towels, coffee, and Arabic dates. Non-alcoholic drinks flow during the trip in many flavors. Popular English and Arabic songs are played in the background to relax the overall environment.

The show tour operators arrange for the Pick-up & Drop-off transfer from any hotel & residence in Dubai (An Extra Cost)

Different decks allow a lot of people to participate in the cruise and experience the magic. Dubai in itself is ever jostling and buzzing with the city traffic and Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai is very different from the fast-paced and noisy city. it’s calm and smooth arrangement meant to provide an opportunity for the tourists to spend a romantic evening on a sailing dhow with delicious food and soothing music in the background. The world seems to have come to a standstill and the travelers get to see the amazing architecture of the city’s scintillating buildings.

Things to do in Dubai

If you have completed your meeting and have nothing to do for the evening, then plan a Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai and have a romantic evening with your partner with various delicacies on offer to fulfill your appetite. The tour operates both during the day and at night and the touring duration varies from a single hour trip to a couple of hours of exquisite hospitality. The staff is very responsive and caring and makes it very comfortable for the tourists to enjoy the trip.

Specific arrangements can be made as per the group’s requirements in arranging for additional features or dishes in the buffet if informed earlier.

Dhow Cruise Creek is really an amazing experience which every tourist touching down in Dubai should at least participate in this trip once to experience heaven on earth. A variety of food items in the buffet dinner allows you to taste cuisines of different origins and regions. Go ahead and book your Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai now.

Dhow Cruise Marina

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Here we were given you the 5* Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina which is a traditional boat made of wood. Which is prevalent in Dubai. It has used for long for trading and commerce. Dhow Cruise Marina also used for Pearl Diving in seas. Marina Cruise Marina is heritage boats which have a rich semblance of culture and olden architecture with facilities like background music and a variety of food items cooked to fulfill the appetite of the esteemed tourists.

Dhows are an iconic mode of sea transport and form an integral part of the history of the Middle East. A lot many Dhows have been refurbished in the past couple of decades for tourism and entertainment. The modern shows are used for a different purpose now, and instead of indulging in trade and commerce, they act as floating restaurants in and around Dubai. Dinner Cruise in Dubai is very popular, and Dhows make them all the more glorious and defining. It has now become iconic tourism in Dubai.

Dhow Cruise Marina Live Entertainment Shows

Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai is known to have live entertainment on board in various forms and structures. Live Performances like ‘Magic show‘, “Tanoura Show,” which is a form of Egyptian dance performed by men has become one of the intrinsic features of these trips. The spinning dance makes for a beautiful sight when these dancers in shining dresses perform this fine art live.

What’s Difference Between Dhow Cruise Creek & Dhow Cruise Marina

Marina is a new area in Dubai developed especially to entertain international tourists. Dubai Creek has been treating the tourists since the last two decades, but Dhow Cruise Marina is catching up fast and proving better in many cases than the previous form. The Dhow Cruise Marina entertains the higher end customers with better facilities and improved hospitality.

Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai offers the tourists a varied pleasure option. Once traveled on this, the memories remain for the lifetime. The Venetian Styled canal city brings to the fore the awe-inspiring sights and beautiful landmarks of Dubai in the new light. It also has a two-mile stretch of the Persian Gulf has some of the iconic structures of Dubai.

Duration & Inclusion in Marina Dhow Cruise

At Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai, you can experience a romantic ambiance while sailing and dining aboard. The tourists get a welcome non-alcoholic soft drink on arrival. Each trip is of around two hours duration, and the tourists get to choose from the delicious Asian and another International buffet dinner with unlimited soft drinks, tea, and coffee.

Soft songs in Arabic, Hindi, and English keep on playing in the background giving a feel of the new world. Dubai Marina Cruise Dinner is a thrilling and exciting experience which enables the tourists to see the stupefying skyline of the glowing city of New Dubai. The soothing music supplemented by the fantastic dinner makes for an exquisite environment. The pleasant breeze while on board is altogether very different experience in the otherwise hot and humid desert environment. The place is safe and secure and would allow you to enjoy your time on the Dhow without any concerns.

Dhow Cruise Dubai is a once in a lifetime experience which a person would remember till he breathes his last. The scenes that are visible from the Dhow of the bright, iconic buildings in the night sky makes for a fascinating image living the crowd awe-struck. The international buffet dinner is a lot of variety allows the guests to choose what they want to eat. The music in the background and the Turkish dance in the front is a very great experience. And all these come at not so high prices. So go ahead and book your Dhow Cruise Marina and lesson what you had been missing all your life. Visit our site for More Attractions in Dubai. Sunset Desert Safari

Hatta Mountain Safari Tour

Hatta Mountain Safari Tour:

Are you in Dubai & looking for Tours. Here we have given you the Affordable Hatta Mountain Tour an exciting ride over the 7 Emirates of the UAE. Hatta Mountain Safari Tour takes you to an exciting place where there are mountains and wobbly lands of Hatta Hajar Mountains of the UAE. The Desert Safari (dune bashing) Included in this package. First of all,

We will provide you desert safari on the way after Tourists pass the rugged Hajar Mountains. It seems like alluring blue water waves move in the valleys. Visitors can stop the car for photography.

Hatta Tour will sum up your moments, and the live scenery will give you a chance to collect your moments.

Enjoying these all experiences you will have a stopover at the ancient village settlement of Hatta Village.

It connects tourists with the ancient era, the 16th century to experience its old village and fort as well,

Most of all lying on both banks of Hatta Wadi, this attractive city has an amazing green oasis

It stimulates you with water pools where can be entertained with a delicious mouth-watering cuisine.

Our driver will pick you from the city in the early morning, and the onward journey will refresh yourself mentally and physically too.

Hatta Mountain Tour Safety Features:

Hatta Mountain trip includes an off-road Mountain driving. Our expert drivers will take you to your destination.

During the Hatta Tour each vehicle can carry six persons excluding the driver, therefore, must you fasten your seat belts on this drive.

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