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Is A Vacation In Dubai Is Expensive?

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Have you ever considered a vacation in Dubai, and the thought of the land of millionaires crossed your mind? No man! The problem stems from your lack of planning and budget.

With millions of travelers visiting its shores each year, Dubai is a famous tourist spot. So, Travelers can enjoy the world-renowned attractions that are there to astonish and entertain.

A vacation in Dubai will strain your pocket and drain even a last penny from it if your arrangements are not well planned out. Before this query comes to your mind that Is Dubai an expensive vacation destination? So, Think about It’s all related to the preplanned accommodation, traveling, excursions, and all that.

Take a chill pill! We will solve your problem by making a budget-friendly plan for you. This will allow you to focus on the basic planning points while we settle down your budget. So, spare some time and have a look at this blog!

Vacation In Dubai

What is the approximate cost of a vacation in Dubai?

The average daily price for a vacation in Dubai is AED729 ($198) per day, based on what other visitors have spent.

Per Day Estimate:

Transportation: AED 38 ($10) on local transportation.

Food: AED 164 ($45) on food.

Hotel price in Dubai: AED998 ($272) for two.

Two people will spend almost AED 10,202 ($2,778) in a week. These average travel prices are compiled from other travelers for your convenience. So, now you can clearly make an estimate of how much you need to put your money aside for traveling. However, multiply the amount with the number of people and days if you want to add.

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How To Manage Your Budget?

Following are a few tips for managing your budget while you’re on vacation in Dubai. Just have a look below.

  • Step#1: First, set a financial target, check your account balance.
  • Step#2: You need to make a plan oh how many days you are going to stay there and which places you must visit.
  • Step#3: Then do some research already about the places, accommodation, food, excursions, and their pricing and all the details on which you are going to spend the money.
  • Step#4: You must make reservations in advance for your lodging and travel within a city to avoid hidden charges.

So, you will be able to keep track of your budget, and you will not find Dubai an expensive place to spend your vacation in Dubai.

Do vacation in Dubai cost a lot?

No, not at all! Visiting Dubai means visiting all the places we have always dreamed about. Such as Burj khalifa, desert safari Dubai, Burj Al Arab, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Dubai Mall, Dubai Creek Cruising, and many more. For this, your budget management has to be very wise and smart.

Here are some suggestions that can later become your choices. Let’s have a look!

Hotel Accommodation

It’s possible to find palaces in Dubai that cost thousands of dollars, but there are some affordable solutions, too. These include EasyHotel Jebel Ali, Rose Executive Hotel – DWTC, SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences, Gulf Inn Hotel Al Nasr, Naif View Hotel, etc. These are the best affordable choices with the best hotel rooms and maximized features. Be wise and smart when it comes to accommodation.


Dubai is known for presenting a variety of food as Dubai is a famous tourist attraction and all we need is our favorite food. Whether it is Asian, Italian, European, or Arabian, it serves all. Logma & Al Ustad Special Kabab restaurants serve the best Middle Eastern food. Bu Qtair for the perfect seafood and you can also visit a budget-friendly Brambles cafe in Dubai.

If you travel within a city, you are better off with a travel agency or tour company, since food and excursions are included in the same price. The restaurants and hotels in Dubai range from cheap to costly. In order to have the cheapest solution, you must choose affordable restaurants.

vacation in Dubai
vacation in Dubai

Currency Exchange rate

It is a significant factor to consider and compare the currency of your state and UAE. First, take a look at the latest Dirham exchange rate in US dollars. Then compare with your state currency. It could be that people living in countries with high currency values find Dubai expensive as a vacation Dubai.


Here are a few adventure sports in Dubai only for travel enthusiasts like you. In terms of history and infrastructure, there are a number of places of importance. You have to hire a worthy and renowned Dubai tour company so that you can reduce your expenses and get information about all the places with the help of tour guides.

Vacation In Dubai
Dubai Adventures
  • Dubai Mall.
  • Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo.
  • Burj Khalifa.
  • Dubai Museum.
  • Dubai Marina
  • Palm Jumeirah.
  • Dubai fountain.
  • Dubai Opera

Desert Safari Dubai

This excursion has another level of excitement. Desert Safari Dubai will be your exceptional experience where you can enjoy various activities like Quad biking and dune bashing. Moreover, you can enjoy fire shows, belly dance, Tanura dance, Arabic Halla dance, and can also enjoy night camping. You can perform such activities at very affordable rates if you follow your budget and make a plan properly.

Wrap It Up!

So, what’s your opinion now? Is Dubai still an expensive place to spend your vacation in Dubai? I don’t think so; you have to face the facts and figures. You must consider planning and be able to manage your budget. We recommend visiting Dubai with your loved ones and enjoying the cuisine, excursions, accommodation, desert, and city tour.